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Natural Solutions for Women’s Health

natural remedies for women's health

According to a recent study, the use of complementary medicine among women is on the rise with over 80% using natural products. Mounting science and research on these products combined with greater interest in prevention has lead to widespread use of natural remedies. Here are some of my top recommendations to consider for managing common…

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Global Noon News | Vancouver | Natural Solutions for Women’s Health

Global TV

When it comes to managing our health, women today are feeling more empowered toward prevention and using natural therapies where possible. Check out my interview on Global TV where I go through recommendations for managing women’s health issues such as swollen, painful legs, dry/aging skin, and menopause health concerns. Click here    

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Listen to your legs

Tired legs

Do you experience pain, aching or swelling in your lower legs and ankles after a long day on your feet? If so, you are not alone. According to a recent survey nearly one-quarter of women over age 18 reported that they suffer with tired, swollen and heavy legs. If this sounds familiar, then it is…

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OTC Drug Dangers & Natural Alternatives

slide picture

Medications that can be purchased over-the-counter (OTC) at a pharmacy are assumed to be safe, but these products do carry the risk of side effects and health risks, especially when not used as recommended. Drug side effects and interactions are responsible for thousands of emergency room visits each year. Many people think because these products…

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CBS Houston | Great Day | Spring Medicine Cabinet

Women discussing natural remedies for spring

Staying healthy this spring means being prepared. Whether you are working, going to school or traveling you may encounter allergies, sleep disturbances, fatigue or digestive distress. While many people turn to over-the-counter drugs, growing concerns about the safety of many of these products has fuelled interest in the use of natural remedies. Here are some suggestions…

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CTV Ottawa | Noon News | Cold & Flu Relief

CTV Noon News

When it comes to managing a cold or flu, there are so many products to choose from. Check out my interview on CTV Noon News where I discuss the differences between over-the-counter-drugs and natural remedies for managing symptoms as well as what can with prevention. View video here  

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City TV Calgary | Breakfast Television | Immune System Boosters

Women on TV set talking about supplements

The status of our immune system plays a vital role in whether we’ll catch one of the many bugs that circulate each winter and how long it will take our bodies to recover when we do get sick. Find out what foods and supplements can bolster your immune system and boost your defences this winter.…

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Immune System Do’s and Don’t

woman with poor immune system

Are you vulnerable to getting sick? The strength of our immune system plays a vital role in whether we’ll catch one of the many bugs that circulate each winter and how long it will take our bodies to recover when we do get sick. To keep your immune system in tip-top shape and cut your…

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Getting a Grip on Stomach Cramps

woman with stomach cramps

Do stomach cramps have you in knots? As a pharmacist, I often get questions about how to manage stomach cramps and the associated pain. Over 90 per cent of women suffer from belly pain at least sometimes with an important impact on their quality of life, and the pain that comes with it ranges from…

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