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Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about traveler’s constipation?

When it comes to travel-related health issues, we hear more about jet lag and even diarrhea than we do about constipation. But I suspect constipation is just as common. And because it can make you feel uncomfortable throughout your trip, constipation is something that you really should be prepared to manage. Why are you suddenly…

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Prebiotics versus probiotics: What’s the difference?

Our bodies are lined with billions of bacteria, from our mouths to our bottoms. While we often associate bacteria with causing disease, there are also beneficial types of bacteria, called microflora that play an important role in various aspects of health, from regulating digestion, improving nutrient absorption to supporting immune function and fighting off pathogenic…

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Surprising facts about three common summer fun busters

Nothing drains the fun out of summer faster than not feeling your best. We may want to spend more time outdoors, but summer’s hot, sunny days present unique challenges. Here are some surprising facts about three common summertime health issues as well as natural ways to either prevent or manage them. 1. Dehydration: If you…

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